I'm Chyane Fawn.


photographer + visual artist

snow bird (michigan born and raised, florida living + travel)

optimist, wannabe poet, hot dog restaurant connoisseur, self proclaimed goofy gal

My motto is "just happy to be here". I am a big dreamer and challenge seeker who cannot be stopped once the creative process starts. I also love to stop and smell the flowers, wear my heart on my sleeve, and adore sunshine, mornings, + fun facts. All love is welcome here, and I'll definitely love you too.

I have been in love with photography my entire life and started photographing other people, weddings, and their moments in time early 2018. Thank you for being here.

who I work with:

individuals, I want to get to know YOU on the deepest level possible

couples, all love is welcome here

families, to make memories and share happy moments with

Is your heart big and open and ready to make magic? I'm in. 

what it feels like to have me as your photographer:

attending a surprise birthday party and finding out it's for you

your best friend asking if you want coffee on their way to your house

someone carrying your lipstick in their bag because you don't have pockets